Tehzeeb Production House


“Safeguarding the frontiers of Pakistan and promoting peace, harmony & positivity”

Tehzeeb Productions is a platform that safeguards frontiers of Pakistan and promotes love, harmony, peace and positivity in the society. We aim to make a progressive and prosperous Pakistan by transferring the treasured heritage of our national visionaries and preserving the rich culture of our beloved homeland by means of media i.e. theatre play, TV drama, film, documentaries, and short films etc.


In this era of despair, we are more problem oriented nation with no sense of direction, hopelessness, chaos, depression and negativity, and in need of a guiding force to follow a set of rules. Someone has to stand out and come up with the ideas to shape a progressive Pakistan. Solution; We, with the positive thinking & vision of our forefathers, would give hope to millions of Pakistanis by establishing peace and tackling problems faced by our society by using all means of media, unconventionally with innovative ideas.

Our Objectives

  • To promote unity, optimism and positivity among nation of Pakistan
  • To strengthen family system while generating hope for Pakistan
  • To reconnect the nation with the patriot vision of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal