Tameer-e-Pakistan, a project of YES, intends to offer a platform for continuous and structured growth for human development by helping them acquire evident skills which would empower them and enable them to justify their zone of influence while being patriotic at heart. This project is initiated in transforming society by shaping and improving their purpose of life and broadening their vision, mission, and objectives.


In our society, well-being is not considered important, uncivilized way of life, lack of civic awareness, unawareness about rights and responsibilities, inactive thinking skills, unhealthy lifestyle, leadership crisis, visionless ,directionless as a nation, irresponsible parenting, women are not empowered, leadership crisis, disillusioned youth, unemployment and deficit of skillset.


YES is striving to transform the whole society by improving the overall well-being and civic awareness. We aim to create awareness among masses about their rights and responsibilities, strengthening our youth by providing them a sense of direction and vision to lead, opportunities for entrepreneurship, skill development while empowering the women and family oriented parenting.

Our Objectives

  • To build a strong patriot nation in its true essence.
  • To raise the social, moral and spiritual health of the community by improving their well-being.
  • To shape a nation by developing visionary youth leaders, entrepreneurs and women empowerment.
  • To improve the standards of society by active community engagement, civic awareness and parenting.