The leadership talent hunt program is aimed at hunting and training talented youth to the new frontiers of prosperity and success based on the philosophy of Iqbal and an ideology of patriotism. This visionary leadership will not only be capable of coping with the issues at hand but can also adapt drastically to face future challenges proactively. It will create influential and skillful leadership for the revival of the nation

A TOTAL FREE Leadership Talent hunt Program for Youth by Youth Empowerment Society Under the Supervision of worthy PROFESSOR DR. JAVAID IQBAL (Social Reformist & Influential Speaker) who is acknowledged countrywide for his wisdom and intellect on various subjects like community building and leadership development. Our society needs mentors like him to guide us.

YES works with him by engaging volunteers who want a formal 03 MONTHS DIPLOMA ON LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT in three phases. In this activity, Participants were Selected & Promoted on a performance basis for those who complete their.

Home Assign Work, Reflective Journals, and Presentations

Phase 01
  • Leadership training Certificate
Phase 02
  • Train the Trainer Certificate
Phase 03
  • YES team part in project of Tameer e Pakistan (A project supervised by Dr. Javed Iqbal)
  • To build a nation through visionary leadership directing the nation to a prosperous future.
  • To produce effective skilled individuals and influential leaders who are self-motivated change initiators.
  • To transmit patriotic ideology in an excellent way through skills uniting our divisive and fractured nation.
  • To provide a platform in order to develop and guide the youth and nation to build a better future for Pakistan
Our nation, on an individual and societal level, is facing challenges like lack of leadership, hard/soft skills, and being mission-less with very little sense of direction. Because of these, our nation is plunged into a deteriorated state of leadership with no vision. Due to the lack of visionary leadership, we are putting in all the efforts to build a future inspired by dominant cultural values destroying the very foundations upon which this nation was built on.
The leadership talent hunt program aims to realign life goals by providing a sense of direction and purpose. It’s a strategic platform for the revival of the nation by developing visionary leadership. The leadership is based on integrity, vision, practicality, and determinant with strong wits which is aligned with the national vision and culture. It will provide an environment to promote leadership in the finest way to make this shattered nation united and a beacon of hope for the generations to come.