Institute for the Promotion of Sports

Nation Building via Promotion of Sports Culture


Sports create a positive branding for nations worldwide. Sports unite the individuals and make a positive association having a national identity under one flag. IPS intends to organize national and international sports and games events to enhance the skills of individuals and make them better human beings and sportsmen who can face the challenges while Pakistan being recognized as an honorable and well reputed nation in the field of sports. We aim to transform individuals, society and nation through sports.


We have become radical, visionless, lazy, and inconsistent people. Digital life has taken us far apart from our natural life and unhealthy activities have rusted our minds. We are divided in language, caste, and race and are not united as a nation. In an often divided world, sports is a unique and important connective tissue that binds people together, both across and within societies.


We will create a modern and an advance sports organization providing patriotic narrative to unite the nation to cope with the challenges shared above. When we provide the youth with better opportunities to use their strengths in the sports of their choice, it will subsequently improve their physical as well as mental health and will shape their personality to bring out a better person to live a healthy social life through sports.

Promotion of sports culture will raise morality and values in our youth such as fairness, respect, integrity, consistent, moderate, responsible, and above all, having moral values who can unite the nation.


  1. Developing sports culture to make a healthy and progressive nation
  2. Building a healthy, physically and mentally strong nation united under one flag
  3. Raising the level of our sports to build a positive image of our country in a global perspective.
  4. Our aim is not only to reform but also to transform our nation through sports into a civilized society