YES is a Non-Political & Non- Sectarian organization

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YES is a non-political & non- sectarian organization that works on capacity building while promoting patriotic culture among youth. YES has a strategic plan to encourage the youth to achieve personal triumph at the global stage and to develop visionary future leadership to make an exemplary nation.

Youth today is facing challenges like identity crisis; separation into groups based on language, creed, sect and ideologies; and deterioration of values. YES aims to realign their life goals by providing a sense of direction and purpose while reviving the ever-lasting morals of our national Heroes. In this regard, we do mega events, campaigns, projects, camps and programs to address these problems.

Our Mission

Guiding and developing Pakistani youth to achieve personal success leading to a progressive and prosperous nation.


To seek pleasure of God to make a positive contribution by developing nation, envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam.


To reconnect youth to the philosophy of Iqbal r.a, a cementing force, uniting our divisive and fractured nation.


To provide a platform in order to develop physical, social and intellectual capacity of eager young leaders of tomorrow to build a better future of Pakistan.



We envision Pakistan as one of the leading nations driving global socio-economic change with its youth of today sitting at the helm of affairs in prominent global institutions.