Resurrection of Nation


Resurrection of Nation


Resurrection of Nation

Youth Empowerment Society
Who We Are

A Non-Profit, Non-Sectarian,

Non-Political, Non-Religious Organization.

Built for the purpose of guiding the youth of of Pakistan through the Ideology of Iqbal.

Founded and Presided by Irfan Butt


among our youth

  • Identity Crisis :

    Disowning our true cultural & national roll models & Inspirational sources mislead us to cultural crisis .

  • Polarization :

    There is a strong “Polarization” among the nation having violent and extremist point of views with lack

    of common grounds in matters at hand.

  • Perspective Misalignment :

    Lack of spiritual leadership has led to integration of negative concepts, resulted in nation’s mutual

    perspective misalignment.

  • Socio Political Domain :

    Negative and anti-state & anti-religion social thinking, triggering the social dilemma of 5th gen war.

  • Approach Error :

    Wrong Style & Methodology to solve the problems.



  • Solve the problem at it’s roots :

    What is currently being done is temporary solutions are brought out for problems that appear again and again. We should fix the cause of those problems rather than forcing a makeshift solution at the symptoms.

  • Work on Developing a Positive Perception :

    We should positively influence the youth through subconscious and conscious means the morals, ethics and perception of Allama Iqbal inherent in his poetry.