Project Introduction

YES card is not exclusive. All bona fide students, youth, teachers & Scholar (over the age of 12), regardless of their, race, gender or religion can purchase the YES card at an affordable price.

Via one single card, students gain preferential and discounted access to products, services and experiences relevant to all aspects of student life, from software licenses and cinema access, to bookstores, public transport, cafés and eateries. Now, firmly in the digital age, the YES card has evolved to best meet the needs of the modern day student. YES card also gain preferential and discounted access over Different products, travel benefits, services and experiences relevant to all aspects of student life. The YES Card also issues YES Youth Card for non-students, and YES Teacher Card is for teachers and professors. The membership fee varies by Cities. In Lahore it costs 1500 rs/year. YES card is valid for 12 months

Project GOAL

All our team members try to make YES cards a multifunctional tool for everyday life and use. A simple solution is to provide comfort, “one card for everything”.

In many cases, the cards themselves combine functions of being an student/ teacher/ youth / scholar Identification card as well as offering thousands of discounts and benefits both locally and worldwide.

Value Addition

Individual Beneficiary


1. To make the must have opportunities for Youth of Pakistan.
2. Increased access to educational opportunities for students.
3. Facilitating teachers and academic employees at a better ease.
4. A chance to avail local and worldwide discounts and benefits for students /teachers/youth.
5. Make rest the best with digitally evolved YES card.


1. Overall recognition of educational institutes through students identification via YES card.
2. Enhance channels for youth to bring out reforms with dynamic approach & positive energy.
3. Teachers /scholars and youth of society gain equal access to opportunities regardless of race, gender or religion.
4. Improve daily life standards by having discounts and benefits through YES card.
5. Fostering educational exchange programs for intercultural understanding and diverse educational objectives.

Government Level


1. Recognition of national government on international level by endorsement of ISIC Card.
2. A chance for fruitful collaboration with universal
organization such as UNESCO.
3. Recognition and appreciation of local students at international platforms.
4. Increased parameters of back up support from student unions, financial institutions & ministries of education around the world.
5. A platform for collaboration and inspiration resulting in global innovation and improved benefits.