Project Introduction

Pakistani youth, with national wealth but unfortunately its true potentials and the immense opportunities of performance has gone on unmeasured as our educational institutions seldom focused on. Many of them in rising cadres of our youth who if given proper environment of cultivation, under all circumstances, the world would see them through their great deeds of performance.
(up to 30 years) 64% of Pakistani Youth have a lot Potential & energy but frustrated & vey unfortunately have no future aim & capacity to achieve Excellence.Non-political & Non- Sectarian organization would work for Potential youth of Pakistan that can bring change & do reforms in all walks of life with their dynamic approach & positive energy. This forum shall provide all opportunities with inputs and practical efforts to re-link our youth with his destiny.

Project Introduction

Our youth have become detached from the philosophy and thought of the founding fathers of Pakistan. As a result Pakistani youth is bewildered and in a deeply perplexing world they are looking for ideals they can look up to for satisfying their intellectual and emotional needs. Instead of getting inspiration from heroes of our own civilization and rich heritage, we as a nation have started hero worship of every popular figure that props up from outside world. As a result towering figures of our Nation are no longer register in the minds of our youth as a source of inspiration.
To anchor youth of Pakistan in their historical tradition, reconnect them with our culture & nation through events & conferences to reinvigorate the spirit of Patriotism.

Project GOAL

• Propagate Patriotic message
• Motivation to Youth for Leadership
• Mobilize Youth for Positive Contribution
• Shaping Youth for nation building
• Promotion of Peace & Culture through Arts


We are doing Purposeful events for several years (Event gallery is attached).
The variety of activities, participants, venues that we are offering at our Conferences, seminars, trainings & festivals are unparalleled. In order to reinvigorate spirit of Khudi in the youth of our country we aspire to bring together the best & patriotic speakers around the globe.
We will Bring together distinguished Academics, writers, poets, analysts, actors, anchorpersons, journalists, bureaucrat, Sportsmen, Lawyer, Scholars and Performers from all across the world under one roof to Strengthen the ties of PAKISTAN.

Value Addition

Individual Beneficiary


1. A chance to interact with brilliant minds and culture under one umbrella
2. A healthy environment to enhance their capabilities
3. Represent Pakistan nationally and internationally
4. Help individuals to explore and believe in their potentials leading them to select a future leading career
5. Learn to create opportunities for themselves


1. Society will work and contribute to represent Pakistan on verge of Iqbal’s poetry
2. Members will work eagerly in different departments to make a society healthier and lively
3. Sit together and inculcate new ideas to cater a positive change in Society
4. Through this initiative, society will be closely attached and inspired by national and leading personalities of Pakistan
5. Make members eligible to represent themselves as a prominent candidate at their educational institutes

Government Level


1. Help government authorities to depict a positive image of Pakistan
2. Help revive historic tradition of Pakistan through tourism and cultural endeavors
3. Bringing a positive hope for high achievements through young and fresh entreprenuers
4. Helping government to bring awareness on Crucial matters including Human Rights, Women Empowerment and Child Abuse
5. To Develop Skilled, Intellectual and educated youth of Pakistan to highlight the Nation on World map