Who We Are?

We, Youth Empowerment society, aims to contribute to physical, social and intellectual capacity building of eager young minds of tomorrow. YES is highly concerned about the youth issues, which they are currently facing, in society and provide pragmatic solutions to the daunting problems confronting our youth. YES wants to establish a prosperous environment by providing our youth a high standard of living to create a progressive Pakistan.

Project Intro

The shelter is considered to be the next most important basic need of man after food. The level of student satisfaction with hostel facilities goes a long way in making life comfortable for them and may have an impact, positive or negative, on their academic performance and physical well-being, amongst others.  Youth Empowerment society’s prime focus is youth and their developmental effects. Residence is the biggest ongoing challenge for students, who moves from one city to another city to seek higher education, as not all universities are enough capable to accommodate all students in university hostel like 15000 thousands students are currently enrolled in  Lahore College For Women University  and there are only 560 seats( having 10-15 applicants against one seat) in hostel, rest have to manage living in flats and private hostels,some of them go back to their home causes of not finding suitable housing with accommodations. So YES salivates to provide residence in  hostel without any distinction of caste, colour, sex or race so that students can get education

Project Objectives and Aims

There are following aims and objectives of this project;

  • To provide a home for students and to help new arrivals to become acclimatized and adjusted to the new environment
  • To offer the right atmosphere for study and interchange of thoughts and ideas
  • To foster among students representing different communities, creeds, languages and cultures of Pakistan the spirit of fellowship, understanding, service to the Nation and the sense of unity amidst diversity;
  • Create awareness to social and moral values for improving the quality of life through education
  • Establish such kind of hostels where students learns audacity, bravery, daring from other student, which may help students to face the practical life more confidently.
  • Provide students pleasant, comfortable and cheap accommodation
  • To broadened social networking and connected a diversity of students, encouraging friendships, and provided students with opportunities to develop skills outside the classroom such as interpersonal relationships, critical thinking, conflict resolution and communication

Project Goal

Our goal is to sort out the residence issue of students because a large number of students coming to study from distant places and most of them have been residing in rented houses far from their institute’s premises and provide a peaceful and secure environment, a place like their home. Furthermore, we want to maintain their comfort zone, quality of life and best living experience through giving them affordable residence with satisfactory facilities.

Project Rational

There are following project rational which sinews us to take this step;

  • Residence is the biggest issue for those who moves from one place to another, especially for the students because they usually moves to big cities get higher education as the best institutes are in cosmopolitan cities like Lahore and students come from all over the Pakistan.
  • Due to the large number of students from other areas, universities don’t have enough space in their hostels to accommodate all students, here is hostel statistic of some known universities of Lahore;
  • Lahore College For Women University; containing 15k students and there are only 560 seats ( 10 to 15 applicants against one seat) in their hostels, merit of getting seat in university hostel is so high, few students fall in eligibility criteria.
  • Punjab University; 45k students and there are 15 hostels for girls, 17 hostels for boys, total 16k seats in both hostel. The biggest setback is that only first time enrolled students are eligible for university hostel, evening time students have to manage living outside the university.

so, university hostilities ratio is very low, some students get university hostel rest have to manage living in flats and expensive private hostels and some go back to their homes cause of residence issues. Boys somehow arrange their housing but girls needs proper residence with security

  • There are less purpose build hostels in Pakistan, we should focus on this
  • Usually university hostel don’t have proper environment and restrictions as well. For example mostly university hostel closing timing is 7PM and its not suitable for those students who doing part time jobs to manage their finance
  • Due to not getting hostels, students live in flats and face a lot of issues like food: they are in the age in which they need healthy food, living in flats and eating unhealthy food from restaurants costs their health a lot
  • There is no check and balance on students who are living in flats that’s why can be easily distracted and involve in illegal activities like drugs addiction

Value addition

Value addition for students

  • Suitable and adjustable environment
  • Learning and healthy surrounding
  • Residence without any distinction
  • Satisfactory and affordable facilities
  • A platform where they can exchange their ideas and thoughts
  • Creating a sense of responsibility in students
  • Extensive Security
  • Dedicated & safe pick-&-drop facility from our door step
  • 24/7 hi-speed internet connectivity for your PC’s, mobiles & tablets
  • 24/7 nonstop supply of electricity
  • Hygienic fresh cooking
  • Free gym and library facilities
  • There will be proportion of foreign students
  • Awareness of social and moral values
  • Make them ambitious, self-reliant and confident
  • Residence without any time limit

Value addition for parents

  • Make them satisfied with the hostel environment
  • Proving their children proper nutrition
  • Keeping check and balance on students their children
  • Keeping them aware about the ongoing activities of students
  • Care and attention
  • Providing secure and peaceful environment to their children