Project Introduction

The millennium 2000 started out with darkness and hopelessness.

Our youth and elders of this country have almost given up but somebody has to step up and light the beacons of hope.

Therefore, it is our 1st duty to Stand & protect the foundations of our beloved homeland as visualize by our Founding father & National Visionaries to give hope to our fellow Pakistanis.

we establish TAHZEEB PRODUCTION to safeguard frontiers of Pakistan and promote peace, love, harmony & Positivity in our society by means of Media i.e. theatre play, TV Drama, Film, Documentaries, Short films etc.

Project Objective

  • Generate hope for Pakistan
  • Strengthen FAMILY SYSTEM in Pakistan
  • Promote talented Youth of Pakistan
  • Seeds of deep rooted patriotism and unity will be planted in the hearts of our youth by reconnecting them with our national visionaries.
  • We want to propagate Positive message into the masses, to pro-actively counter the conspiracies of the enemies of Pakistan.
  • Positive contribution in the development of our beloved homeland, as envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam

Our Mission

To make shape a Progressive & Prosper Pakistan. A beacon of hope and source of inspiration for rest of the world

Our Vision

Transfer the treasured heritage of our national visionaries and Preservation of rich culture of our beloved homeland