Project Introduction

The project title is ‘TABEER’ – Naya Pakistan Khuwandgi Mohim’, a Non-Formal Basic Education and Adult Literacy Project in the targeted areas of Punjab. This project involves setting up literacy centers for the illiterate people in Punjab.


1. Develop Reading skills (Reading simple text e.g. a News Paper)
2. Build basic Writing skills (enable to write simple text e.g. a Letter)
3. Learn easy mathematics to enable to do basic everyday calculations
4. Enhance Communication Skills to communicate effectively at workplace
5. Improve Retention skills and enhance Memory
6. Provide Career Counseling to skillful individuals
7. Construct Mind Maps
8. Implement Emotional Management
9. Introduce Positive and Critical Thinking
10. Enhance their social status
11. Attain and maintain a stable financial position
12. Enhance the ability to obtain and understand essential information.
13. Gain access to lifelong learning and professional development.


1. Provide access to lifelong learning and professional development
2. Mould confident Entrepreneurs following the moto “Izzat bhe rozgaar bhe”
3. Produce educated individuals to add to the revenue of the country
4. Produce local skillful workforce for the industries and other institutions
of Pakistan
5. Produce local creative and talented professionals for medical, engineering, technological and resultant financial advancement of the country
6. Provide means for higher income
7. Reduce expenditure of resources to support illiterate and dependent people
8. Eradicate poverty by empowering illiterate people to generate their own income

Government Level


1. Decrease crime rates, reduce poverty, and drug abuse
2. Decrease incarceration rate , less prisons required
3. Increased technological advancement, a road towards becoming a developed country
4. Increased GDP growth rate in the long run
5. Producing more voters with more understanding of the political and internal affairs of the country.
6. Placing educated people in authority, less vacant important positions

Project Goal

The project goal is to establish a sustainable literacy programme in the remote areas of Punjab to aid the development of the local communities; provide opportunities to individuals, for Literacy & poverty alleviation.

Project Rationale

We are currently implementing long-term activities in different remote areas situated in different districts of Pakistan. The targeted areas are the poorest and most severely affected areas, where educational facilities are scarce and high illiteracy rates prevail. The project is aimed at establishing adult literacy centres in such areas, whose purpose and function is to enable the learners to read newspaper, write a letter in Urdu and perform every day calculations. This project will help to develop better understanding amongst people regarding their work and also enhance their social status. Literacy projects in these areas will not only benefit the local youth and adults but also develop awareness in other surrounding areas.