Who We Are?

Youth empowerment society is a dynamic platform for the Youth of Pakistan with the heartfelt desire to reconnect the young generation with their culture. We serve not only as a platform for recreational activities but also as their source of academic excellence. Pakistan, being an underdeveloped country is currently not able to provide the exposure and the experience of the outside world to its young generation. Youth Empowerment Society lays great stress on providing the young ones the experience of the life, to change their conservative mindset and open their school of thought to newer experiences.

Project Introdution

The talent of Pakistani youth is highly underestimated due to the fact that the educational institutes did not focus on connecting them with themselves and instead focused on just good grades. Many of them in rising cadres of our youth who if given proper environment of cultivation, under all circumstances, the world would see them through their great deeds of performance.
At YES, we try our best to provide all opportunities with inputs and practical efforts to re-link our youth with his destiny.

Project Rationale

Pakistan is enriched in Culture and Tradition. Mother Nature has bestowed Pakistan with beauty but unfortunately, the Youth of Pakistan is not yet able to feel this beauty, they are not being provided the opportunities to travel and explore their own country which hinders their exposure and their confidence making them somewhat conservative minded in their approach towards a different culture and religion. The Educational Institutes are not focusing enough on this issue, the recreational trips they provide are as good as none, thus the students are not mentally enlighted. We believe that study trips of their own country as well as the foreign countries will help the students in learning what mere books can never each them, it will exponentially increase their exposure, boosting their confidence and enhance their mental capabilities. Opportunities to visit different countries will push the students to come out of their comfort zone and actually learn something from the experience. This is called expeditionary learning and it is proven to be more effective than our traditional learning methods.

Project Goal

  • To engage the youth in positive activities.
  • To plan domestic and international study trips for the youth as a form of expeditionary learning.
  • To provide the young generation to explore their inner self, discovering their hidden talents.
  • Creative workshops for students to learn different skills under the guidance of different trainers and motivational speakers.
  • To raise the living standard of the host people through the economic benefits it can bring to an area.
  • To benefit tourist and local people by developing an infrastructure and providing recreation facilities.

Value Addition

Beneficiary (Youth)

  • Domestic and Foreign trips broadens the vision of the student enabling him to learn how to interact with people of different culture and regions.
  • Learning while travelling provides a new interesting touch to the learning system as it changes the outlook of the student towards study.
  • Domestic study tours will connect the student with his culture and tradition.
  • International Study and Recreational Trips will help the student in dicovering the new and exotic way of learning while connecting with people of different cultures, relegions, traditions and their customs.
  • An oppertunity to develope their personality and know themselves.
  • Work with experts and conduct field research to produce high quality academic products that meet professional standards.

Society (Social Level)

  • Tourism is labor intensive and has the potential to reach and benefit large numbers of people.
  • Rural tourism supports economic diversification and creates jobs for rural youth and ethnic minorities.
  • As urban populations surge globally, many cities pursue tourism-based urban regeneration for its potential to create jobs, improve infrastructure, and attract investments.
  • Nature-based tourism is in high demand, which not only increases the value placed on unspoiled nature and wildlife, it generates funds used for conservation.

Government (Politically)

  • Tourism and hospitality is now the second fastest growing industry in terms of foreign direct investment.
  • Cultivating student success, thus building a better future for them.
  • It enables the students to learn real life leadership skills as well as how to apply critical thinking and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Tourism has served as a post-conflict recovery tool for many fragile and controversial situations.
  • Stimulates GDP growth.
  • Increases international trade.