Youth, a precious capital of every society, as we understand, needs protection with essential upbringing leadership traits that could make them fit for assuming the role of custodians on which depends upon the destiny of nation and beyond. Youth is a reservoir of hidden potential which policy makers should ensure is properly tapped according to dreams and ideals of nationhood

Pakistani youth, undoubtedly a great national wealth but unfortunately its true potentials and the immense opportunities of performance has gone on unmeasured as our educational institutions seldom focused on. There are a lot many of them in rising cadres of our youth who if given proper environment of cultivation, under all circumstances, the world would see them through their great deeds of performance with pride.

Pakistani youth is bewildered and in a deeply perplexing world. They are looking for ideals, when they can look up to for satisfying their intellectual and emotional needs.

Instead of getting inspiration from heroes of our own rich civilization and treasured heritage, we as a nation have started hero worship of every popular figure that props up from outside world. As a result, towering figures like Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal are no longer in the minds of our youth as a source of inspiration.

Time has come to recognize and promote the spiritual and intellectual heritage of our national visionaries like Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam which has left with us great citadel of Muslim homeland what we call Pakistan.

Youth Empowerment Society is a forum, as the name indicates is constituted by young people from across every section of society; may they be students or teachers or business men or civil servants, professional or non-professional, male or female from every color or creed; they shall constitute the structure and base for this organization.

At Youth Empowerment Society (YES), we aim to reconnect youth with their historical tradition and infuse spirit of Khudi in them, to establish a Space for dialogue, open discussions and creative thinking so that they can be empowered to shape a peaceful, prosperous and progressive Pakistan. We serve not only as a platform for open and passionate discussions on challenges faced by our nation, but we also brainstorm and incubate innovative ideas and provide pragmatic solutions to the daunting problems confronting our youth.

At YES, we do not look for opportunities, we simply create them.
اپنا جہاں آپ پیدا کر

We believe it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness engulfing all of us. Our focus is to Discover yourself (Khudi) and be an light for the life of others.
خودی میں ڈوب کر پاجا سراغ زندگی

We train youth by developing their Interpersonal skills, optimistic approach, ethical values and traits of leadership.

We, specially polish younger generation and generally whole Society to revolutionize their thinking and change the entire Pakistan through their skills, passion, determination and enthusiasm.

This forum shall provide all opportunities with inputs and practical efforts to re-link our youth and his destiny with words of IQBAL. All resources available with us weather in human or financial or material, shall be put in this service with all means of human communications to reach our audience.


Developing Youth for Successful Life to create a Progressive and Prosperous Pakistan.


Nourishing Individuals & Nation to make Pakistan a beacon of hope and source of inspiration for rest of the world


  • Training and Capacity Building</span
  • Career Development
  • Event Management
  • Research & Development


  • Seek pleasure of God to make positive contribution in the development of our beloved homeland, as envisioned by Quaid –e-Azam
  • Transfer our treasured heritage by re-connecting youth to the philosophy of Iqbal which is a cementing force that can unite our deeply divisive and fractured nation
  • Contribute to physical, social and intellectual capacity building of eager young leaders of tomorrow