Project Introduction

Media plays a vital role in any society as it provides us with the understanding of the world around us. However, with this authority of giving perspectives and opinions to masses about the world, comes the responsibility of disseminating information in an objective manner. Here at YES, citizen journalism is considered an integral part of modern day society.

Project Rationale & Goal

To make Citizen journalism, as an effective form of alternative information and authentic source. Our focus is to Introduce New media technology, such as social networking and media-sharing websites, to make citizen journalism more accessible to people worldwide.

Value Addition

Individual Beneficiary


1. Give chance to Youth to voice their concerns and form networks for wider advocacy.
2. Share information with wider set of audience.
3. Engage and contribute in social media movements.
4. Feel ownership by being a part of news process.
5. Participate in training workshops and sessions.


1. Make members aware of freedom of speech.
2. Make citizen journalism accessible nationwide.
3. Encourage citizens to raise their voice and give right to activism making it a brighter prospect of citizen journalism.
4. Make society members proactively engage in asserting their responsibilities by using tools such as right to authentic information.
5. In remote areas of Pakistan, citizens will be given opportunity to perform journalists’ role with their devices like mobiles and cameras.

Government Level


1. Provide government with professional journalists and ensure accountability of media.
2. Raise economic and social ranking of Pakistan by engaging citizens into social media campaigns and citizen journalism.
3. Versatility and freedom of voices will be the beauty of citizen journalism leading to democratic nation.
4. Become a helping hand for government to train young people and high-school pupils.
5. A well-informed and critical civil society is the prerequisite for good governance