Project Introduction

YES is highly concerned about the issues of our youth specially students and highly committed to give them the right efficient solutions. By surveying groups of students of every age, we have categorized their problems into 4 categories.
1. Career counseling
2. Memorization issues

3. Reading speed
4. Focus and concentration

The Research and Development department of YES has come up with a package like never before in Pakistan using latest Human Capital enhancement technology in order to magnify peak Performance in all human Endeavors called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).
We know there are various tools used to evaluate human performance in physical aspects but we YES is announcing A newest trend to our nation that includes;

– Complete career guidance for students following their inborn strengths and potentials
– Teaching and introducing them business options that they can start within their academic period as micropreneur
– Latest tools and techniques of Mind Sciences to sharpen their memory for academic excellence
– Speed Reading methods to develop more interest in their studies and supportive subjects also
by making reading easiest for them
– Focus and Concentration techniques for students to develop laser sharp focus for excelling in all other areas of life as well

Project Rational

Human beings are blessed with unlimited potentials, so it’s our humble effort to flare up that potentials so that students can maximize their capabilities and show extraordinary results in their academics.

Project Goal

Everyone has the Potential to become Picasso, Einstein or Ronaldo at something.
We are designing a system to make an EDUCATIONAL revolution where Every Picasso MUST go to Art college, Every Ronaldo to football ground and every Einstein to Physics lab

Value Addition

Individual Beneficiary


Learning Content
i) Memory Enhancement Methods (Enhance your Memory up-to 400%)
ii) Speed Reading Process
iii) Focus & Concentration Techniques (How to Avoid distractions)
iv) Know Your Natural Learning Style

b. Career Counseling
i) Your Personality Type
i) Your Dominant Intelligence System (09 types of Intelligence)


1. Complete career guidance package for their children
2. Creating interest of students in studies
3. Children will be able to memorize their syllabus by own
4. Problem solving skills of children will be improved
5. Children will become speed readers
6. They will have clear direction for life
7. Children will be showing excellence in their academics


YES has also developed a specific Teacher’s training program that will give a rich experience to teachers by updating them about
a) personality types of children,
b) representational systems of children,
c) better communication skills and
d) developing more effective lesson plans

Government Level


1. There is no career counselors available in each school like Europe and other developed countries so it will be an advancement if Punjab take this initiative
2. Burdon of teachers will be shared in order to guide students
3. A complete youth force available with their complete inventory of strengths that can be utilized in best professional way for betterment of Pakistan
4. All logistics will be managed through YES in a centralized manner that will result in cost effectiveness
5. When people will chose their career according to their inborn strengths there will be right person for the right job resulting in cost cutting of HR budgets