Project Introduction

Be a CEO is our Flagship program that intends to promote entrepreneurship in our people specially Youth, its not only guiding them about their potentials rather utilization of their inner gifts in the best possible form of beneficial services for Pakistan. Behind our this ideology there is a Beautiful Hadith

“Everyone is Helped for what he was Created for”
– Mishkat and Muslim.


We’ve been blessed with unlimited potentials being the Deputy of Allah on Earth, so if our potentials are rightly plugged in to our powerhouses we can put a dent on this Planet.


We want to see a prosperous Pakistan with 100% employment and Purposeful Youth Leadership.

Project Rationale

Everyone has the Potential to become Picasso, Einstein or Ronaldo at something.We are designing a system to make an Entrepreneurial revolution where Every Picasso do Art work,Every Einstein Develop a Physics lab and Every Ronaldo win the Fifa best player award and making our Pakistan a Business and Service Heaven.

Project Objective

That will be the Great day when Punjab announcing its glorious victory of having an ECOSYSTEM of 500 Startups utilizing youth to their maximum entrepreneurial potential providing solutions in technology, education, infrastructure, agriculture and other fields creating thousands of jobs and solutions to millions of people.
An ecosystem of 500 companies growing together making a Giant Conglomerate that will be changing the destiny of whole subcontinent.



1. Getting Complete personality profiling
2. Knowing their strengths and gifts
3. Creating their own business models first step towards financial independence
4. Access to investors
5. Part of Ecosystem of 500 startups growing together
6. Centralized marketing for their startup
7. Complete Support and mentorship in terms of strategy building, product design and innovation with market leaders throughout their entrepreneurial journey
8. Becoming financially independent even before completing degree
9. Access to international market
10. Office workspace and access to related markets


1. Creating huge impact in business sector as well as education sector
2. Influencing the whole families of startup owners
3. Sharing load of Govt. from public and private sector jobs
4. Utilizing and maximizing these startups to support in beaurocracy and govt affairs
5. Mobilizing youth of nation in most productive manner;
6. Productive for themselves, productive for nation, productive for society, productive for government